For thousands of years mankind has been searching for a way to consume their favourite alcoholic beverage without destroying their waistline in the process. From wineries to distilleries to breweries and everything in between, an answer to this conundrum has always been illusive, often considered a myth on par with Atlantis and the fountain of youth. Since the discovery of alcoholic beverages, humans have been consuming a variety of stomach destroying poisons without really knowing why, and began to question; Is it possible to have a healthy and alcoholic beverage? 

Thus three brothers set out on a quest for an elixir to improve their overall health while also improving their conversation at dinner parties. On their journey they discovered Alcoholic Kombucha, equally as refreshing as it is healthy.  Bucha Brothers Alcoholoc Kombucha has been designed to nourish the natural flora of the gut with live cultures and an abundance of naturally occurring pro and prebiotics. And after all, why should you have to kill the life in your gut to be the life of the party? Say bye-bye to beer, sayonara to cider and so long to sweet, sugary drinks. Bucha Brothers are here to serve up your fantasies, an alcoholic kombucha as refreshing as taking as a naked dip in a lake of angels tears on a hot summer day. 

Bucha Brothers products are all raw and unpasteurised, vegan, sulphite, preservative and gluten-free.

100% all natural with live probiotic strains for a #betterbeerbelly.

Available in 330ml bottles and also drafted on tap for bars, restaurants and events.