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  1. Enjoy the sunshine.

    A daily dose of Vitamin D from getting out in the sunshine can reduce depression, improve your bone density, boost metabolism and increase serotonin to make you happy. If you are spending more than 10 minutes in the sunshine, don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

  2. Get moving.

    Summer is the best time to get outside! Make the most of it by hitting the beach for a swim or surf, ride your bike instead of driving or take up a new sporting activity like tennis or golf to get your body moving during the summer months.

  3. Maintain gut health.

    Gut health is vital to overall health. It is the center for your immune system, maximizing absorption of vital vitamins and minerals, and acts as a second brain to lift up your mood. Limiting processed foods, sugars, gluten containing grains and dairy can help to prevent unwanted digestive upset. Add in fermented foods daily such as sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi to up your dose of daily probiotics to improve digestion and gut health!

  4. Get extra steps in.

    With the sun shining for longer during the summer months, there’s more daylight hours to burn extra calories by taking a walk, going for a run or taking your dog to the park.

  5. Watch out for sugar.

    Sugar during the silly season is an easy way to overload on calories and gain additional weight. Alcohol and soft drinks are some of the worst suspects for sugar. Switch up your pre mixed drinks, wine and cider for an Alcoholic Kombucha instead. With the average serving of cider containing 13 -23 grams of sugar, swapping it out for an Alcoholic Kombucha can save you over 18 grams of sugar per serving!

  6. Enjoy summer produce.

    Make the most of the abundance of fresh summer fruits and veggies. Try to eat mostly local, seasonal and fresh produce during summer to keep your waistline from growing.

  7. Most importantly - have fun!

    Laughing, being happy and spending time with loved ones has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing so never feel guilty about enjoying a Bucha Brothers Alcoholic Kombucha at your summer BBQ with friends.

Tara Hanaphy

A rich source of probiotics

Kombucha is a probiotic rich drink that is made by fermenting green or black tea with specific strains of bacteria, sugar and yeast. A large amount of probiotics are created during this fermentation process (1).

Probiotics are beneficial to your overall health and are vital to include in your daily diet as they improve digestion, immunity, inflammation and even weight-loss.

May provide the benefits of green tea

Green tea is high in anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and anti-ageing compounds that work to improve your overall health. Kombucha made from green tea, like Bucha Brothers, are said to contain many of the plant compounds from the green tea that can improve your health (2)

Kills bacteria

During the fermentation process in the making of kombucha, acetic acid is produced. Acetic acid has been shown to kill off many harmful bacteria, including infection causing bacteria and candida yeast in the gut (3).

Contains antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that have been shown to fight harmful free radicals that damage cells and are harmful to the body.

Kombucha, especially when made from green tea, has been shown to have a high level of antioxidants that are more beneficial to the body than taking supplements (4 , 5)

Recent studies on rats show that regularly drinking kombucha can have a positive effect on the liver as it greatly reduces the toxicity levels in the liver (6)

Low in sugar

Many kombucha drinks, such as Bucha Brothers Buchabeer, are low in sugar.

Many kombucha based drinks contain less than 3 grams of sugar per serving. Swap a kombucha in to replace your daily soda drink and you could save thousands of extra calories per year and curb any unwanted weight gain. Please note that not all kombucha brands are low in sugar, please be sure to check the sugar content!

Tara Hanaphy

Bucha Brothers was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2018 by a family with a passion for health and a fondness for a good time.

A small family run business, we set out with a mission to create unique beverages that deliver the benefits of unpasteurised fermented drinks with the added bonus of high alcohol.

We aim to deliver 100% all natural alcoholic products that are gluten free, preservative free, vegan and low in sugar yet, high in fun.

Always drink responsibly!

Tara Hanaphy